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CINE-BOOKS is a multi-platform entertainment channel available on mobile – Android and iOS, moreover, Amazon, and the web. CINE-BOOKS brings you a completely new type of storytelling entertainment for the entire family that combines the benefits of both books and movies! They bring the bestsellers to cinematic life in a different, fresh, and exciting format of reading! With their extraordinary features, CINE-BOOKS forever changes the way people interact with books. What makes CINE-BOOKS unique is that it is the world’s most aspiring book-filming project. Unlike normal movie adaptations, cine-books keeps all the original text of the work, along with adding an exciting and comprehensive visual side. Every single episode of the book comes to life with their new cine-books format. You can enjoy and experience the amazing graphics with sophisticated acting and special effects without missing even a single word from the original story. Now grab big discounts with the latest and exclusive Cine-Books coupon codes, promotional offers voucher codes, and discount codes 2020.